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Look Before You Leap
Look Before You Leap
Episode Information
Kanji 鉄橋を叩いて渡る
Rōmanji Tekkyou o Tataite Wataru
Air date April 1st, 2016
Opening Gensou Drive
Ending Ketsuro
Episode Guide
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Look Before You Leap (鉄橋を叩いて渡る) is the first episode of the Mayoiga anime. It aired April 1st, 2016


All the characters are on a bus trip to Nanakimura . Whilst they introduce themselves the bus driver starts to argue with one of the characters, Valkana . The bus driver attempts suicide by trying to crash the bus.They manage to stop the bus driver after Masaki throws up and they have to stop at a rest stop. During their stop at the rest stop they meet up with Koharun , the woman that knows the way to Nanakimura.They are starting to get close to their destination. There's only one bridge left they have to cross.


Embarking on their journey to the shadowy village, Nanakimura , Dahara introduces himself and gives out a bit of information of the trip they are journerning on. Starting off with Mikage , each individual starts introducing themselves with some telling why they joined in on the trip. It is then revealed that there are three females that go by the name of Yuuna and Dahara quickly resolves the dispute by respectivly callng each  "Yuuna , Yuune , and Yuuno " before the introductions continue.

Once the introductions are concluded, Dahara goes on to explain the overall tour. Telling about, as heard in many online circles, how Nanakimura is not on any map while a few of the indviduals are seen looking up information about the village. Dahara explains how that despite the rumors of people missing, they had not gone missing at all. The indivuals were actually starting their new live in Nanakimura. He also explains how not even the police have found the location but he and ISG have with the help of a certain "individual ".