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Blinding Mist
Blinding Mist
Episode Information
Kanji 一寸先は霧
Rōmanji Issunsaki wa Kiri
Air date April 8, 2016
Opening Gensou Drive
Ending Ketsuro
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Episode 3
 Blinding Mist (一寸先は霧) is the second episode of the Mayoiga anime.  It aired April 8, 2016.


Finally in Nanaki Village, the group steels themselves to meet the current residents, only to find the village seemingly abandoned. As they begin to explore the village, many begin to question the group's organizers...


The bus driver begans to continue his way across the bridge into the dark and mist of the evening. The driver keeps going until he stops in a forest area not wanting to go any farther because the road ahead was not lit and seemed to be dangerous. Valkana ends up telling the driver that the road was wide enough, if just barely in which the driver responds by telling Valkana to use his head. Valkana quickly orders him to just keep going as the driver clicks his tongue as Soy Latte and Naana comment about how Valkana was souring the mood when they all were supposed to be turning over a new leaf. Overhearing them, Valkana asks everyone if they had a problem with having the driver keep going, telling them to speak up if they had one. He comments on how they were supposed to all be living together from then on and should speak their mind, otherwise he was going to take their silence as an agreement.

With no objections the bus keeps moving across the dark road as they headed farther uphill into the forest. When Masaki seems to be nauseous once more, Mitsumune quickly asks if she was alright and if she was feeling sick again. Before Mitsumune could get a response for Masaki, the bus begins shaking as the lights flicker on and off wIth Maimai asking what was going on. The bus then slids off the side of the cliffside as the males are seen trying to push the bus while the driver tries to drive it back up the slope.

Failing to get the bus to move, Yamauchi comments that there was no use as the ground was to soft from the rain. The bus driver quickly tells them not to give up already and goes on to try and tell them they're all the reason for the situation. Valkana however interrupts him, asking the driver why he thinks that they all owed him anything. Yottsun agrees with Valkana and asked why should they care about what happens to the bus, which infuriates the bus driver. Yunno interrupts when she comments that the driver did warn them all that they couldn't go any farther on the path but forced him to keep going anyway. Soy Latte agrees with Yunno as she tells them that they can't just leave the driver in the lurch. Yottsun questions why they should and why they couldn't just leave the bus driver, as they were starting a new life after all.