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Episode Information
Kanji 傍若無人
Rōmanji Boujaku Mujin
Air date April 15, 2016
Opening Gensou Drive
Ending Ketsuro
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 Aloof is the third episode of the Mayoiga anime. It aired April 15, 2016


Finally in Nanaki Village, the group steels themselves to meet the current residents, only to find the village seemingly abandoned. As they begin to explore the village, many begin to question the group's organizers...


The question of how Yottsun and Masaki disappeared is asked as Soy Latte goes on to explain about how they were checking out a building, thinking they were with her and the others but ended up losing them as she apologizes. Yunna then asks why Soy Latte was apolgizing, considering Yottsun and Masaki were the ones who went off one their own somewhere. Naana suggests that they all should calm down, telling them they shouldn't be too concern about the situation just yet, and take a deep breath. Toriyasu agrees with Naana thinking that the two just hit it off and went off to get cozy somewhere. Hearing this upsets Mitsumune as he says the Masaki is not like what Toriyasu thinks she's like as everyone looks at him, a bit shocked, from his sudden outburst.

Mitsumune quickly becomes a bit nervous as he claims that what Toriyasu suggested was not actually what was going on. Maimai calls Mitsumune a creep because of how worked up he had gotten. Mikage suggests they should avoid downplaying the situation, telling everyone the they all came to Nanakimura based off unverified information from an email that Koharun had recieved and that the village could possibly be a dangerous place.