Detail jack 2
Kanji nameジャック
First AppearanceEpisode 1
VoicesKosuke Miyoshi (Japanese)

Jack is one of the 30 individuals aboard the bus to Nanakimura. He is a 16-year-old boy with a mysterious past.


Jack has a mysterious past and doesn't reveal much in his introduction but it is know that he is receiving treatment for a tumor from his family. He has a calm, quiet personality but he can easily become aggressive and violent when aggravated. In Episode 3 , it is revealed that Jack was send to sent to juvie after stabbing one of his classmates and that his real name is Sasaki. He was severely bullied in school.


In the first episode he introduces himself calmy. When the bus driver began to attempt to kill off everyone in an accident he gets up from his seat as he goes on to explain that all adults were the same when it comes to being kind and sympathetic just to lower one's guard, but once they don't do what the adult wants they try and kill you. He then runs up to the front of the bus and elbows the Driver in the face before kicking the driver's hand away when the Driver tries to reach out for him after being attacked by Jack. 

In Episode 3 , Jack attacks Hyouketsu no Judgness with a garden hoe after Hyouketsu tries to get him to change his name because of how similar their names were. After attacking, Jack tries to run off before he is tackled down and tied up. Maimai then reveals a bit of his past as the group learns he was sent to juvie after stabbing another student. He is then put into a jail cell.

In Episode 4 , he is seen on a hill nearby the group that was trying to leave the village, causing Hyouketsu no Judness to freak out and fall down a cliff.

In Episode 9, he attacks Lion, Nanko, and Maimai with a bow and arrow, only to be intercepted by Reiji and punched in the face.

In Episode 10, he is seen opening the door to a house for Hyouketsu no Judgeness. When Hyouketsu admits he had failed in his task, Jack punches him in the face. Jack then smiles and tells Hyouketsu to punch him back because he had also failed. Hyouketsu punches Jack, and Jack smiles again, stating that "boss" will be angry and abandon them. He is later seen again, smiling, when Hyouketsu begs their "boss", Koharun, to forgive them for failing.


Jack has dark hair that stops just above his chin with bangs falling between his purple eyes. He almost always has a blank expression or frown on his face. He wears a blue hoodie with a high-neck black shirt underneath, gray sweatpants, and white crocs.