Detail jigoku
Jigoku no Gouka
Romanji nameJigoku no Gōka
Kanji name地獄の業火
English nameHell Fire
OccupationPart-time worker
First AppearanceEpisode 1
VoicesShun Horie

Jigoku no Gouka is one of of the 30 individuals aboard the bus to Nanakimura. He is a dreamer who is sick of his lukewarm daily life in the current era, and possesses many survival skills.


In Episode 6 it is revealed that while training to become a JDSF ranger, Jigoku had silicone implanted in his head to meet the height requirment.


In Episode 5, he is one of the individuals who follow Mikage.

After the appearance of the smoke, he laughs at Mikage, stating that he's surprisingly jumpy. This causes Mikage to snap back, telling him not to laugh at him.

He is next seen chasing after Nyanta after she runs off screaming. Lost, he turns only to hear the sound of machinery. Soon, he sees a giant many-legged beast made of silicone, shaped much like the breast implants he had seen when he went to ask for a silicone implant. Gripped by fear, he fires his gun several times, waking up the rest of the villagers.

When the rest of the village finds them, he corrects Nyanta in saying that what he saw was instead a massive beast of silicone, leading Koharun to theorize they all saw different things.


Jigoku no Gouka has chestnut brown hair that is shaved on the sides. He has hazel eyes and fair skin.