Detail lovepon 2
Romanji nameRabupon
Kanji nameらぶぽん
First AppearanceEpisode 1
VoicesAi Kakuma (Japanese)

Lovepon is one of the 30 individuals aboard the bus to Nanakimura. She a 15-year-old junior high school student and the secondary antagonist of the series.


Not much is known about Lovepon's background except that she is trying to protect her identity. In Episode 6, it is revealed that her mother was in a relationship with an abusive Buddhist Monk who would often get drunk and beat both Lovepon and her mother, who he gives money to in return for sexual services to pay for the debt that Lovepon's father left on them. Her habit of repeating "Execute" over and over again stems from his abuse, since she believed that he deserved to die for what he did to her and her mother


In Episode 2, upon arriving to Nanakimura she theorized that the village was empty because all the other people before were sacrificed one-by-one because of crimes they committed. She even suggested sacrificing the bus driver when he showed up in the village.

When Jack is revealed to be a former criminal, she suggests executing him. When Mitsumune and Maimai are visiting Jack at night, she joins them, wanting to execute him. When Mitsumune reveals their reason for visiting Jack, she turns on Mitsumune and pushes him into the river, trying to make him drown.


Lovepon is a tall girl with long, straight, black hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She has large, golden eyes and fair skin. She wears a high-neck, sleeveless white shirt under a fuchsia jacket, with pink pants and black shoes.