Detail masaki 2
Romanji nameMasaki
Kanji name真咲
RelativesReiji (Cousin)
First AppearanceEpisode 1
VoicesYūka Aisaka (Japanese)

Masaki is the main female protagonist of Mayoiga and one of the 30 individuals aboard the bus to Nanakimura. She is a 17-year old student with a bright and earnest personality, but has a slight dislike of mysterious young ladies.

Masaki is a strange girl who believes in what she thinks. It's implied that Masaki may have an odd ability to see or sense things in the future, though this has never been directly seen in the episodes. She's very emotional and has random outbursts from time to time, even asking Mitsumune if she was "Off her rocker" in Episode 1 . She also has motion sickness.


In Episode 6 , Koharun shows everyone a newspaper article about a girl named Aida Masaki who went missing at age 16. As the location she went missing was just the next village over, it's suspected she knows what's going on, as fortold by the Village song.

In Episode 8 , Masaki reveals that she had been to Nanakimura before as she had went along with her cousin, Reiji , but when Reiji spotted a monster and the two ended up running she fell down the mountain cliff and ended back on the highway. She had tried to go back into the mountains but couldn't find her way back to the village. After she reveals this secret, however, she as well as Mitsumune are "kidnapped" by Driver into his bus.


Regarding episodes three and four , Masaki may be hiding something from the rest of the tour. ( Something that may have happened involving Yottsun and her when they both went missing together. )


Masaki has reddish-brown hair that reaches down to her chin and is clipped by a red ribbon clip. She has large, green eyes and wears a dark blue, buttoned, knee-length dress and brown pumps.