Detail mikage 2
Yura Mikage
Romanji nameMiikage Yura
Kanji name美影 ユラ
OccupationTrading Company Employee
First AppearanceEpisode 1
VoicesYoshiaki Hasegawa

Mikage is one of of the 30 individuals aboard the bus to Nanakimura. He is a 24-years-old who works for a trading company. He is one of the only characters to give out his full name: Yura Mikage


Not much is known about Mikage's background except that he works for a trading company and is aiming for high positions. In Episode 6 it is revealed that he possibly works in a toy company as he insisted everyone listening to him so the company could showcase their new product, a toy train, in time for a Japanese Toy Expo. Mikage accidentally writes the shipment date of the trains for the twentieth instead of the twelfth resulting in everyone laughing at him. This causes him to hate when others laugh at him.


He approaches Valkana after the search for Yottsun is over, and tells him his own suspicions. He suspects Koharun to be the mastermind, as she wasn't on the bus to start, knows too much about the village, and because he thinks Valkana is stuck in a honey trap.

When the tour splits into two groups, he is the one to take the lead of the group who wish to leave and take the bus out.

Upon finding the giant Mitsumune incident, he returns with the others. When everyone is discussing the matter however, he stands up and starts accusing Koharun and the others. He points out that he didn't see a giant Mitsumune, but instead heard laughter. He decides that he will make his own group instead of staying the night with the others.

He is next seen in another location with Lovepon, Jigoku, and Nyanta, discussing their next move. They opt to kidnap Mitsumune, in order to interrogate/torture him for answers. They catch him easily and tie him up, throwing him into the underground jail for interrogation. Before anything can happen however, they are interrupted by a massive amount of smoke which leads them to escape the jail, leaving Mitsumune behind.

Once outside, they regroup and find that they have lost Lovepon. When Nyanta runs off, followed by Jigoku, Mikage states that he won't be fooled like everyone else. He walks through the forest until he hears laughter coming from everywhere. Soon he finds himself on a train track with a large rotting, laughing train with many mouths coming for him. He turns and runs, but falls.