• The entrance to Nanakimura as it appears in the opening with Masaki
  • The entrance to Nanakimura as it appears in Episode 2
Nanakimura (納鳴村; Nanaki Village) is a village that is claimed to be illusive or non-existent and is supposed to be a utopia existence. It's rumored that the village is suppose to be free of the world's life obstacles letting the individuals living there basically start their lives over from scratch.


In the first episode, Nanakimura is being explained by Dahara as he explains how that despite the many rumors spread across circles on the internet about how people disappeared weren't actually missing and they were residing in Nanakimura starting over with their new lives. Upon arriving to the village in Episode 2, the 30 individuals find out the village, expececting more of a campsite like place, actually looked like a village with houses and other buildings around. They also quickly find out that the whole village is abandoned and that they were the only ones there currently and it was stated that they village had been abandoned for at least a year.