Kanji nameレイジ
RelativesMasaki (cousin)
First AppearanceEpisode 8
VoicesRyota Osaka
 Reiji is Masaki's cousin who traveled with Masaki a while ago to Nanakimura .


It is revealed that Reiji is Masaki's cousin and that he traveled with Masaki to Nanakimura once before.


In Episode 8 , Masaki explains that she and Reiji were traveling to Nanakimura as a flashback shows him and Masaki by a river up on the mountain as Reiji, his face not shown, points out one of the landmarks that were the key to finding Nanakimura as he states that if they kept going they would make it to the village by noon. He then asks Masaki if she wanted to rest a bit more in which she responds with that she was alright. Reiji then says he's surprised that his uncle, Masaki's father, allowed her to go along with Reiji to find Nanakimura. It is hinted several times that Masaki may have romantic feelings for Reiji, and that her feelings would not be reciprocated.

In episode 11, it is revealed that Reiji can speak to other Nanakis as he could speak to and see Driver-san's Nanaki, his daughter. Reiji also tells Driver-san that he is Masaki's Nanaki. Driver-san reveals this information to Mitsumune because Reiji requested Driver-san to ask Mitsumune to save Masaki. Masaki is later seen in the woods questioning why Reiji left her and cries as she says that they "were always together".

It is further clarified, in episode 12, that Reiji was merely a Nanaki that grew with Masaki in order to relieve her loneliness.


Reiji has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a white shirt and a grey baggy cardigan. In Masaki's flashback, he is seen doning a black hoodie, grey shorts, and hiking boots along with carrying a backpack on his back.